Published work

"What's in a Name? A Method for Extracting Information about Ethnicity from Names." Political Analysis. 2015. [pdf] [code]

Working Papers

“Security in the Absence of a State: Traditional Authority, Livestock Trading, and Maritime Piracy in Northern Somalia.” With Robin Harding and Avidit AcharyaUnder review.

“When Do Politicians Reward Their Supporters? Evidence from Kenya’s Constituencies Development Fund.” With Daniel N. PosnerUnder review.

"Equalizing Access to Improve Voter Registration: Experimental Evidence from Kenya." With Peter Van der Windt. Pre-Analysis PlanUnder review.

“The Effects of Violence on Ethnic Demography and Voting: Evidence from Kenya, 2007-2017.” Contact for draft. 

“Dead Voters.” Contact for draft.

"Lines." Contact for draft.

Work in Progress

"Judicial Decisions as Public Goods: Interventions for Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Legal Judgments in Kenya." Design. Funded by EDI/UKAID.

"Do Irregularities Imply Fraud? Lessons from Kenya's 2017 Elections."

"Micromandering: The Politics of Polling Station Placement in Kenya."

"Whose Line Is It Anyway? Gerrymandering and the Politics of Survival in Kenya."

Making Voters: How Electoral Administration Shapes the Electorate in Kenya. Book project.