Published work

"What's in a Name? A Method for Extracting Information about Ethnicity from Names." Political Analysis. 2015. [pdf] [code]

“(Under What Conditions) Do Politicians Reward Their Supporters? Evidence from Kenya’s Constituencies Development Fund.” With Daniel N. PosnerAmerican Political Science Review. Volume 113, Issue 1. February 2019, pp. 123-139.

Working Papers

"Equalizing Access to Improve Voter Registration: Experimental Evidence from Kenya." With Catherine Kamindo and Peter van der Windt. Pre-Analysis PlanRevise and Resubmit, Journal of Politics.

“Security in the Absence of a State: Traditional Authority, Livestock Trading, and Maritime Piracy in Northern Somalia.” With Robin Harding and Avidit AcharyaUnder review.

“The Effects of Violence on Ethnic Demography and Voting: Evidence from Kenya, 2007-2017.” Under review. 

"Waiting to Vote in Kenya." Under review.

“Ethnic Bias in Judicial Decision-making: Evidence from the Kenyan Appellate Courts.” With Donghyun Danny Choi and Fiona Shen-Bayh. Contact for Draft.

“Dead Voters.” Contact for draft.

Work in Progress

"Judicial Decisions as Public Goods: Interventions for Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Legal Judgments in Kenya." Design. Funded by EDI/UKAID.

“Machine Learning for Visual Data: Applications to Kenyan Elections.” With Christian Arnold and Zach Warner.

“Vertical and Horizontal Educational Inequality in Kenya.” With Rebecca Simson.

"Do Irregularities Imply Fraud? Lessons from Kenya's 2017 Elections."

"Micromandering: The Politics of Polling Station Placement in Kenya."

“Voter Importation.”

"Whose Line Is It Anyway? Gerrymandering and the Politics of Survival in Kenya."

Making Voters: How Electoral Administration Shapes the Electorate in Kenya. Book project.